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Overview of Services

The research facilities available at Sohar University can be categorized into the following Thematic Areas


The Environment Research Theme is one of the key research clusters at Sohar University. This group consists of a team of multidisciplinary academic researchers who apply their knowledge to environmental engineering, mathematic modelling, and sustainable environmental management principles to solve key environmental issues. The research facilities available to this theme include sophisticated analytical equipment such as a gas chromatograph, a TOC analyzer and pilot scale reactors for treating polluted water and air samples and geo-environmental testing.

Emerging and Advanced Technologies

The Emerging and Advanced Technology Research Theme is a multidisciplinary research effort into the theory and the practical development of engineering, computer science and other applied science approaches with their innovative technological applications. The research facilities available includes Spectrum Analyzer, Optical time reflectometer (OTDR) and Solar Photovoltaic Systems.


Prof. Ghassan Al-Kindi

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research and Innovation

Dr. Mohsin Qureshi

Head of Research Development

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Hours 08 AM to 04 PM


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Mohsin Usman Qureshi
Head of Research Development
Sohar University
Ms. Fatma Aljabri
Executive Officer, Research Development
Sohar University
Ms. Mahra Aljabri
Finance Officer
Sohar University

Service list

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Biofilter reactor (2)
Gas chromatograph (2)
Optical Spectrum Analyzer (Dr Mohammed) (2)
Optical time reflectometer (OTDR) (Dr Mohammed) (2)
Solar Photovoltic System (1)
Training Course Fee (24)
Triaxial Compression Machine (2)
UASB REACTOR (Dr. Nitin) (1)

Available Equipment and Resources

Air pollution control (3)
Air sample analysis (1)
Environmental (1)
Fiber Optics Test equipment (2)
Geomechanics (1)
Internet of Things, Wireless Networks (1)
Renewable energy (1)