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The University of Nizwa has created the Natural and Medical Sciences Research Center (NMSRC) as one the means to deliver its research strategy’s objectives. This successful project is a consortium of distinguished scholars with multidisciplinary scientific backgrounds including marine chemistry and biology, medicinal phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, catalysis, polymer chemistry, computational chemistry, fragrance chemistry, spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, microbiology, plant physiology, structural and molecular biology, biotechnology, tissue culture, genomics, proteomics, enzymology, cancer biology, stem cells, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. NMSRC possess state-of-the-art laboratories in the aforementioned areas.




Prof. Ahmed Al-Harrasi  Mr. Aflah Al-Hadhrami Mr. Ahmed Al Rawahi Dr. Suleiman AL-Hashmi
Chairman of NMSRC Adminstartive Director Scientific collaboration officer Head of Biomedical Lab
25446329 25446329 25446470 25446362
Dr. Abdulatif Khan Dr. Najeeb Ur Rahman Dr. Usman Anwar Dr. Ali Rostami
Head of Biotech & OMICS lab Natural products lab Crystallography lab Organic and synthesis lab
25446358 25446801 25446770 25446200
Dr. Ajmal Khan Mr. Mohammed Al Broumi Mr. Rashid Al-Harrasi Mr. Ahmed Al Ghafri
Enzymology Lab Analytical chemistry lab Analytical chemistry lab NMR unit
25446200 25446792 25446755 25446968



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


Sunday to Thursday                

8am - 4pm 


Initial Campus, Nizwa, Birkat Al Mouz
Nizwa, P.O. Box 33, PC 616

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Mohammed Albroumi
Director of Daris Center for Analytical Services


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Bioactivities assay (1)
Bioinformatics (1)
Bioreactor (1)
Chromatography (3)
Consultation (1)
Elemental analysis (2)
Essential oil (1)
Gene expression (1)
Mass spectrometry (2)
NMR Spectroscopy (3)
Proteomics (1)
Sample digestion (1)
Sample extraction (1)
Scaning electron microscope (1)
Secondary metabolite (1)
Sequencing (4)
Training (1)
Transmission electron microscope (1)
X-ray Diffraction Analysis (2)

Available Equipment and Resources

Biomedical (4)
Biotechnology (16)
Chemistry (24)
Electron Microscopy (2)